Female Owned Businesses & Services

“Entrepreneur”, “Business Owner”, “Services provider”, whatever you want to call it, are fields where the perception is majority male dominance. Which is why Trini Biz List showcases Female Owned/Operated Businesses and Services.

We hope by doing so, we inspire future women achievers to pursue a life of entrepreneurship, leadership and prosperity.

Women are (and can be) strong achievers and leaders.

We support Businesses and Services owned and/or operated by women.

How to list your "Female Owned" Biz?

To list your female owned biz or service is quite simple!
List your biz like any other biz or service and when you’re inputting the required fields, enter “Female Owned” in the Category option field.
That’s it!

Here are some of the latest Female Owned Business & Services listed:

Female Owned Businesses

Female Owned and/or Operated Services


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